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4th of July, Main Street Glasscape

4th of July, Main Street Glasscape
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4th of July, Main Street Glasscape4th of July, Main Street Glasscape4th of July, Main Street Glasscape4th of July, Main Street Glasscape
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"4th of July, Main Street"
Art Glass Sculpture
Created by Bernie Huebner and Lucie Boucher
Limited Edition

This could be almost anywhere on the Fourth of July.  Anywhere, that is, with just enough breeze to lift a flag and at least one trombone to follow the drum major.  From the somber patriot to the giddy adolescents, even the dog marching along with the band, all these kiln-fired glass figures are caught up in celebrating, each in their own way, their country’s birthday.  The glass is illuminated day or night by a light, recessed into the rear of the hardwood base, which is reflected off the wall behind.  Limited edition of 30.

If requested, the band uniforms can be made of a different color of art glass: green, lavender, yellow, etc.

Signed and numbered on the certificate of authenticity. Minor setup required.

Dimensions: 12in H x 42.0in W x 8.0in D
This item ships within: 2 Days

Glasscapes are an intriguing cross between two- and three-dimensional stained glass art. They are also interactive, inviting you to re-compose the image by re-arranging the glass pieces, thus subtly changing the interplay of color, shape, pattern, negative space, the illusion of depth and movement, and illumination. Because the lamp is integrated with the base, they work equally well in daylight or at night, even as the sole illumination in a room.

Think of the pieces as a kind of visual alphabet with which you can compose many different words or even statements. This is equally true for the representational and abstract glass sets. You may wish to get more than one glass set and alternate them completely from time to time. Or you may mix pieces from different sets into an original image. And of course there is no need to use all the pieces from a set at once; you may omit one or more for visual effect. But be warned: couples may find themselves quietly “fixing” each other’s designs, as if they were furniture thought to be in need of slight re-arrangement.

Construction. Only high quality materials have been used. The dark color of the 42” hardwood base aids in the illusion that the glass image is floating in space. The glass pieces are hand-cut or sawn, then ground, and the edges polished either in a kiln or on a flat lapidary wheel.

Location. Anyplace that will enhance its qualities of light and design. Around eye level is best: on top of a mantelpiece, shelf, dresser, cabinet or wherever there is a light-colored blank wall immediately behind to reflect the light from the back of the base. The ideal location is on a piece of free-standing furniture that will cover both the cord and its electrical outlet.

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